Welcome to Novel Corners™!

We create unconventional handmade bookmarks for a dazzling read!

We believe an avid reader wants a bookmark that does what it's supposed to - hold the spot & not fall out while also preserving the integrity of the pages. We believe in taking it a step further by doing all of that - with STYLE!

Our bookmarks are like tiny pieces of art that tuck between the pages of your latest read.

Treat yourself with some reading luxury 💎

Whether it's a fiction novel, a self-help book or a delicious memoir - when you flip open the page and see the detail and shine of a Novel Corner bookmark, you are destined to smile, relax and enjoy the experience.


Meet the Artist

My name is Ashlei...yes, the spelling is a bit different. 😘

I'm happily married to my husband who I met at a dance club 💃and mom to two kiddos. 🤴👸

I live in Northern California in the foothills surrounded by 🌲🌲🌲 and 🦌. I love the peace and serenity of the nature right outside my door (I also love the beach and Disneyland)

I was a dance and studio art major in college. Shortly after graduation, I got a dream job in fine jewelry merchandising/buying (hello diamonds! 💎 )...and then the economy tanked and I got laid off. 😭

But then I started my first business (graphic design) and I haven't looked back! 😁

Being an entrepreneur is in my blood. My great grandmother owned boarding houses at a time when women could barely own anything and my grandfather started his own company fabricating machine parts as a first generation Italian American. Both my parents were self employed while I was growing up. I love that in a small way, I'm carrying on their legacy for building a life you love.


Our Process

Believe it or not - all of the bookmarks we sell are handmade right in our Northern California studio. 

  • Each bookmark is designed on a computer and cutout on a machine with finishing cuts made by hand.
  • We use high quality cardstock and vinyl to create lots of texture and shine.
  • Each bookmark features multiple layers to create a rigid, durable feel.
  • We make our designs in small batches. We add new designs often and retire others. If you see something you love, grab it before it's gone.

You can shop us @ NovelCorners.com or on Etsy or on Amazon Handmade


Please note: All of our bookmark designs and photos are the property of Novel Corners™ - please do not use, reproduce or repurpose our work. If you share a product on social media - be sure to tag us @novelcorners